Doctor and Crook Co.

Doctor and Crook Co.™

Doctor & Crook Co.™ is a collective of growers, craft cannabis artisans, mavericks and scientists, who have come together to develop a suit of authentic craft cannabis products. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products that we grow ourselves or work with other growers to perfect. Our mavericks and scientists take it from there to ensure top quality products by overseeing the production process from seed to store. Whatever your preference: flower, pre-rolls, CO2 distillate wax, CO2 wax, or CO2 vape cartridges; we’ve got an amazing product line to pick through. We completely understand your need to chill out and daydream or your need to hit the streets for that summer festival. Doctor & Crook™ is here to join you by “prescribing good times”.

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