Licensed Infrastructure

Setting the bar for
clean, affordable, organic
cannabis production.

Rubicon believes that the future of cannabis will be
in the cost-efficient, organic cannabis production.


Rubicon believes that the future of cannabis will be in cost-efficient, organic cannabis production. Rubicon’s high-tech greenhouses can achieve consistent results at the highest quality while producing at the lowest cost per gram. Rubicon’s low-cost model coupled with its intellectual property for high-quality, organically produced flower is a differentiator in the market and has set the company to compete as prices commoditize.

Scalable, state-of-the-art, 100% organic cannabis production facility designs are currently being deployed in Washington and California, and will enable premium product to be produced throughout North America.

Our proprietary design combines the latest technology in climate controls, light deprivation, pest management and irrigation systems to create the most efficient and high-yielding cannabis cultivation system in the world.


Rubicon’s Washington greenhouse, currently under construction, is set to hold one of the largest footprints in the state. Dutch imported and custom designed for high-quality cannabis cultivation, at a fraction of the standard production cost.

  • Phase 1: 40,000 square feet (under construction)
  • Phase 2: 100,000 square feet (2018)
  • Phase 3: 150,000 square feet, multi-acre outdoor production (2019)

Custom created for high-quality cannabis cultivation, Rubicon’s greenhouse is poised to produce industry leading yields at a fraction of the standard production cost.


Rubicon’s California greenhouse, currently under development, is set to position Rubicon as one of the first fully-licensed producer-processors under the upcoming 2018 Proposition 64, Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

The facility will be custom-built, fully-scalable and set to produce top-quality flower and processing material. Phase 1 of the project is an approximately 80,000 square foot facility.

Extraction and
Processing Facilities

Rubicon has established an extraction and processing facility in Washington operated by a licensed processor and is set to commission a second in California. Rubicon believes the cannabis industry will see a large lean towards clean extracts and concentrates.

Washington Extraction
and Processing Facility

Rubicon’s Washington extraction and processing facility has a licensed processor creation top-quality CO2 extracts and concentrates.

The processed product is extracted from organically grown flower to produce clean, smooth product bursting with flavorful terpene profiles.

Sales Center

Rubicon is developing a flagship sales and retail solutions center in the heart of Los Angeles. This hub will serve to launch our brand portfolio in California in the summer of 2017.