Rubicon OrganicsTM
is the industry leader
in certified organic
cannabis production

Proprietary IP for
Certified Organic Cannabis

Rubicon Organics’ plants are grown in proprietary soil made with certified organic ingredients. From planting to packaging, each stage of the growing process is carried out by hand.

Our process replicates outdoor growing techniques. Overseen by skilled and knowledgeable growers, everything that goes into our plants comes from the ground and the ocean.

Trust and Expertise

  • Jesse McConnell (CEO) – Co-Founder of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation, the first Certified Organic Cannabis producer in Canada
  • Rubicon Organics’ Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) – Wrote the Certified Organic Cannabis Standard in Canada and led Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation through the organic certification process
    • Proprietary cultivation program developed in 40 acres of high-tech greenhouses over 10 years
    • Low-cost production system estimated at under C$0.50 per gram
  • Rubicon Organics is now 1 of only 4 Certified Organic cannabis producers in Canada

Organic Production

  • Rubicon Organics holds proprietary intellectual property (IP) to produce premium quality Certified Organic Cannabis
    • Proprietary integrated pest management
    • Hand mixed Canadian Certified Organic Inputs
    • Custom cultivation systems
    • No artificial pesticides
  • Rubicon is the first cannabis operation in Canada to complete an Environmental Farm Plan
    • 100% rainwater collection and recycling
    • Carbon capture and reuse
    • Net-zero energy and waste
  • Why Certified Organic?
    • Over 47% of Canadian cannabis consumers prefer organically grown products
    • Significant European demand for organic cannabis
    • Critical for therapeutic market and over-the-counter products