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CountryDivisionTitleJob Function
CanadaGeneral Director Supply Chain Supply Chain
CanadaGeneral Engineering Manager Operations
CanadaGeneral Greenhouse Worker (Cannabis) Cultivation
CanadaGeneral Innovation Manager Marketing
CanadaGeneral Maintenance Supervisor Operations
CanadaGeneral Maintenance Technician Operations
CanadaGeneral Operations Assistant Operations
CanadaGeneral Processing and Packaging Operator Processing and Packaging
CanadaGeneral QC Specialist Quality
CanadaGeneral Quality Technician Quality
CanadaGeneral Sales Analyst Sales
CanadaGeneral Sanitation Supervisor Operations
CanadaGeneral Social Media & Content Manager Marketing
CanadaGeneral Supply Innovation Director Supply Chain
CanadaGeneral Supply Planner Supply Chain
CanadaGeneral Sustainability Manager Operations
CanadaGeneral Vice President Operations Operations