History & Timeline

Pioneers in Organic Cannabis Cultivation 


Rubicon Organics was co-founded by Jesse McConnell and Peter Doig in 2015 due to the lack of high-quality, organic cannabis in the medical market.  

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Jesse’s journey into the cannabis industry began in the early 2000s when a close relative became ill and there was a lack of high-quality, organic cannabis available for medicinal use.  He began looking at ways to cultivate the cleanest and highest quality cannabis to help treat the ailment and through this process saw firsthand what organic cannabis could do for people’s health and well-being.

Jesse went on to co-found Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation ("WMMC") in 2013.  While designing the cultivation methods at WMMC, Jesse wanted to pursue organic cultivation but was concerned about losing yields.  So he reached out to Peter Doig, an expert on organic cultivation, for help.

Organic Tomatoes to Organic Cannabis

Prior to joining WMMC, Peter had overseen and written standards in organic cultivation for a range of fruits and vegetables and was instrumental in developing the organic growing processes for Origin O, the largest organic greenhouse tomato producer in North America.

At WMMC, Jesse and Peter went through extensive R&D test crops and successfully demonstrated that cannabis could be cultivated organically with yields that are comparable to non-organic cultivation.  Through the expertise they gained, Peter was tapped to write the organic standards specific to cannabis for the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association, the premier organic certifying body in Canada.  And through this work, WMMC became the first Certified Organic cannabis producer in Canada.

Why Rubicon OrganicHistory-and-Timeline_Macro-Flower.jpgs?

As WMMC was focused on limited production of organic cannabis in an expensive indoor facility, Jesse and Peter both recognized a market opportunity to bring high-quality organic cannabis to the masses by looking at a different way of growing cannabis – in hybrid greenhouses – that would maintain the high quality of the crops while growing at scale and lowering costs.

Together, they spent the past few years perfecting the art of organic cannabis greenhouse cultivation through a series of test grows and the result was the creation of two hybrid facilities. 

Today, Rubicon Organics’ next-generation facility designs – paired with management’s proprietary certified organic production system – is ready to produce cannabis products with terpene and cannabinoid levels that will be unrivalled in Canada.


Corporate Timeline

  • May 2015: Rubicon Organics Inc. is incorporated
  • October 2015: Commenced construction of greenhouse facility in Ferndale, Washington
  • September 2017: Acquisition of the Delta greenhouse facility
  • October 2018: Rubicon listed on the CSE under the ticker ROMJ
  • November 2018: Washington greenhouse fully commissioned and leased to a licensed operator
  • February 2019: Delta greenhouse facility receives cultivation and processing license from Health Canada
  • July 2019: Completed organic certification with FVOPA
  • October 2019: First commercial harvest at the Delta greenhouse facility
  • December 2019: Launched flagship Simply BareTM Organic brand in Canada
  • January 2020: Product sales in Saskatchewan and BC
  • March 2020: 125,000 sq. ft. Delta greenhouse facility fully planted
  • April 2020: Completed sale of Washington greenhouse facility and announced strategic exit from the US
  • April 2020: Product sales in Ontario
  • May 2020: Received sales amendment from Health Canada
  • June 2020: Product sales in Alberta
  • June 2020: Launched pilot scale medical sales in Canada
  • July 2020: Launched pre-rolls in Canada
  • Sept 2020: Completed up-listing onto the TSX Venture Exchange
  • October 2020: Established route to market for cannabis 2.0 products