Organic Production

Significant Benefits of Organic Cannabis 

  • OrganicOrganic-Production_Grower-in-Delta cannabis has significant benefits over non-organic cannabis -- being higher in terpene and cannabinoid levels and richer in flavour and taste. 

  • Organic, toxin-free, cannabis production is critical for the therapeutic and over-the-counter market.  There is also significant demand for organic cannabis in European markets.

  • Organic cannabis products also command a 25% to 40% price premium over non-organic cannabis.  When combined with super-premium strains, the price premium rises to over 80%.

  • Rubicon Organics holds proprietary intellectual property (IP) to produce super-premium, certified organic cannabis.  We are 1 of only 2 Certified Organic cannabis producers in Canada as certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association.


Why organic cannabis?

As the cannabis industry has exploded in recent years, the demand for high-quality, organic cannabis has grown with it. Many consumers are now recognizing the benefits of organic cannabis products and demanding them from their suppliers. The trend toward organic and sustainable is strongest amongst millennials, the largest consumer segment for cannabis.

Rubicon Organics’ plants are grown in proprietary soil and fertilizers that are made inhouse. From planting to packaging, each stage of the growing process is carried out by hand. Overseen by skilled and knowledgeable growers, everything that goes into our plants comes from the ground and the ocean.

Features of Organic Cannabis Cultivation:

  • Proprietary integrated pest management
  • Hand mixed Canadian certified organic inputs
  • Custom cultivation systems
  • No pesticides