Quality & Cost

Top Shelf Quality at Industry Low Costs


  • Rubicon Organics’ uses organic cultivation techniques developed in house through extensive research and development over the past six years. 

  • We have an extensive library of unique and proven genetic starting materials including unique stabilized cultivars.  We are also committed to the development and stabilization of disease-free and pest-resistant cannabis cultivars for future commercial production.

  • Rubicon Organics’ superior cultivation methodology has been demonstrated to provide super-premium cannabis products in Washington, as evidenced by its partnership with iconic California based cannabis brand Cookies in June 2019. Cookies is a top-selling, super-premium brand in California and this partnership provides Rubicon Organics with independent, third-party endorsement of its intellectual property and facilities.

  Industry-Low Costs

  • Rubicon Organics aims to achieve cultivation costs of $0.50/gram, an industry low cost particularly for super-premium organic cultivation.

  • The premium prices commanded by organic product means the company should be able to generate higher margins than other non-organic producers.