Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Operations

  • Rubicon Organics has completed an Environmental Farm Plan with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable agriculture. 

  • Based on a 2018 Nielsen report, U.S. consumers desire more sustainable products and sales data shows that they’re using their spending power to effect the change they want to see in the world.

  • The facility has been retrofitted for minimal impact as follows:
  • Energy Sustainability

    • Solar powered – grown under the sun
    • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
    • Net-zero energy – all electricity generated through hydro power
    • Net-zero waste – carbon capture and reuse with all carbon-dioxide generated used as crop supplement
  • Water Conservation

    • Precision, sensor-based watering reduces water consumption
    • Condensate traps and moisture sensors used to recycle all water vapor collected from processing