Rubicon is positioned as
the vanguard for the emerging
legal cannabis sector.

Straddling the chasm between the past and the future, Rubicon Organics is focused on
developing the foundational principles upon which an industry will be built.
– Jesse McConnell CEO and Founder

About Rubicon

Rubicon Organics is a leading cannabis management and private equity firm that specializes in the growing, processing, packaging, and marketing of affordable, sustainably produced, connoisseur grade organic cannabis.

Rubicon Organics was founded in 2014 by a small group of industry entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to develop a brain trust that would help steward and shape the emerging legal cannabis industry. In order to mature, the industry needs vision, good governance and operational excellence. We have grown into an organization that has world class expertise in every area of the cannabis industry, ranging from experienced industry visionaries, brand architects, and investment bankers, to professional agronomists, Ph.D-qualified scientists and local operators. We are a principles-driven company that believes that the best teams create the best results.


Fundamental Principles

We have 5 fundamental principles

Our core beliefs rest on the notion that the opportunity is now to invest and develop energy efficient, sustainable infrastructure that will form the basis of ethically produced, organic cannabis products. With a secure, licensed supply chain we can continue to develop, acquire and partner with other leading industry brands and organizations.

  1. World class teams develop world class ideas
  2. Brands will drive the cannabis conversation
  3. Quality and Authenticity are the pillars on which brands are built
  4. Secure supply chains are essential for growth
  5. The future of cannabis cultivation is organic

The Future
is Organic

Certified organic production is at the heart of our supply chain. Members of the Rubicon team wrote the first federally-recognized organic standard for medical marijuana cultivation (ISO 17065, FVOPA). The processes sited in FVOPA have been developed by Rubicon team members and are applied in all of Rubicon’s cultivation centers.

Quality cannabis is judged on the basis of cannabinoid production and terpenoid production, commonly known as flavor, aroma and effect. Organic cannabis is believed to produce more terpenes, which has been demonstrated in numerous scientific and consumer experience feedback studies. Consumers have also attested to organic cannabis’ stronger and longer lasting effects. Rubicon is currently pursuing research to demonstrate this conclusively.

Economically, organic production has historically been up to 50% more expensive than conventional production, largely due to decreased yields. Rubicon has developed proprietary growing medium systems and fertilizers that are not only less expensive than conventional fertilizer programs but also result in comparable or better yields than industry leading hydroponic production. The result is high quality, pesticide- free cannabis products, at a significantly lower production cost.

50% of all cannabis consumers are willing to pay a premium for organic products
– Cannabis Business Times, 2016.