British Columbia

Sitting on Rubicon Organics’ 20-acre property in British Columbia is a 125,000 square foot cultivation facility. This greenhouse has been retrofitted for optimal certified organic cannabis production and minimal environmental impact:

Energy Sustainability

  • Solar Powered – grown under the sun
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Net-zero energy – all electricity generated through hydro-power
  • Net-zero waste – all carbon-dioxide generated used as crop supplement

Water Conservation

  • 100% rain water collection and recycling
  • Precision, sensor-based watering reduces water consumption
  • Condensate traps and moisture sensors used to recycle all water vapor collected from processing

Environmental Farm Plan

  • To be first cannabis operation in Canada to complete an Environmental Farm Plan

The state-of-the-art facility also includes a 15,000 square foot cannabis processing area designed under the same rules governing medicinal products in the European Union, cGMP-Euro.

This facility is capable of producing 11,000 kg of cannabis flower per year. The BC facility site is capable of expansion to cultivate 67,000 kg per year.

Rubicon Organics is in the final stage of licensing under Canada’s new recreational regulations, the Cannabis Act, and is expected to cultivate in Q4 2018.

Washington State

Rubicon Organics’ custom-built 40,000 square foot high-tech greenhouse sits on 15 acres. Custom designed by Thomas Larssen, the state-of-the-art facility has a phase 1 production capacity of 4,500kg per year. The site is currently leased to a state licensed Tier 3 cannabis producer under i502 regulations.

Rubicon Organics also leases a 3,800 square foot, turn-key processing facility to an i502 licensed processor with a portfolio of award-winning oils, concentrates and distillates.

California Sales & Marketing

Rubicon Organics launched the 1964 Supply Co.TM brand in Los Angeles in July 2017. The Rubicon Organics California team works with state-licensed operators who package and distribute cannabis products to dispensaries throughout California.