British Columbia, Canada

Rubicon Organics is a federally Licensed Producer of certified organic, super-premium cannabis with a 125,000 sq. ft. greenhouse facility on a 20-acre property in British Columbia.  The facility has 80,000 sq. ft. of cultivation space and production capacity of more than 11,000 kg/year.

This hybrid greenhouse has been retrofitted for optimal certified organic cannabis production and minimal environmental impact:

Energy Sustainability

  • Solar Powered – grown under the sun
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Net-zero energy – all electricity generated through hydro-power
  • Net-zero waste – all carbon-dioxide generated used as crop supplement

Water Conservation

  • 100% rain water collection and recycling
  • Precision, sensor-based watering reduces water consumption
  • Condensate traps and moisture sensors used to recycle all water vapor collected from processing

Environmental Farm Plan

  • The first cannabis operation in Canada to complete an Environmental Farm Plan

Rubicon Organics has received a cultivation license and a processing license from Health Canada pursuant to the Cannabis Act.

Washington State, U.S.

Rubicon Organics’ custom-built 40,000 square foot high-tech greenhouse sits on 15 acres. Custom designed by Thomas Larssen, the state-of-the-art facility has a phase 1 production capacity of 4,500kg per year. The site is currently leased to a state licensed Tier 3 cannabis producer under i502 regulations.

Rubicon Organics also leases a 3,800 square foot, turn-key processing facility to an i502 licensed processor with a portfolio of award-winning oils, concentrates and distillates.