Supplied By 1964 Artist Series


Train Wreck

Artist: Ben Tour

Dreamy watercolor brings a transcendent quality to the foggy euphoria that takes over with this strain. The conceptual distortion of time and numbers is self-evident to anyone who has been Trainwrecked.

Super Silver Haze

Artist: Coté Escrivá

Super Silver Haze has an energetic body high and is a very social strain. Whether you are out for a solo rip or hanging with your buds, you’re never alone. Who’s your buddy? Super Silver Haze, that’s who.

Strawberry Diesel

Artist: Lauren Young Smith

We all wear a mask as we go about our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s nice to take that off and embrace the authentic self that lies beneath. Reveal yourself to yourself. Oh, and apparently you taste like strawberries.

Pineapple Express

Artist: Tristan Eaton

The hummingbird has a frenetic energy that is uplifting and exciting, like the long-lasting buzz you get from Pineapple Express. You’ll be harvesting nectar in record time.

OG Sour Diesel

Artist: Jeremy Fish

No one says it better than Jeremy, “I felt that the OG Sour Diesel has a light effervescent, almost carbonated vibe. It reminded me of a crazy rum and citrus pirate cocktail, and the spike of intoxicating energy you get from a sugary boozy drink. So I drew an owl cocktail.

OG Kush

Artist: Joe Wilson

This is the ‘Original Gangster’ Kush strain that has a lineage like no other. Go from stressed out to rolling like an Egyptian God. They’re as OG as it gets.

Lambs Bread

Artist: Joe Wilson

Joe’s jungle seed cultivates creativity as the mind opens under the influence of Lamb’s Bread. It’s an explosion of happy thoughts, euphoria, energy, and a lion. Why a lion in the jungle? It’s subtle, you’ll figure it out.

Green Crack

Artist: Hudson Christie

This cerebral cross-section with the smokestack is all about the energetic, productive buzz you get from Green Crack. Wide-eyed, pumped-up, wheels turning, and rev’d to go.

Grape OG

Artist: Tristan Eaton

This ancient symbol of wisdom matches well with the cerebral high of Grape OG – his trunk raised with boundless curiosity, he is keen to explore the world. Elephants are so awesome!

Girls Scout Cookie Thin Mint

Artist: Jeremy Fish

No one says it better than Jeremy, “For the thin mint, it was very strong, and I felt heavily sedated. So I drew a mortar and pestle to symbolize the heavy medicating effect of the strain. I made this one a bunny because they love to eat mint.”

Bubba Kush

Artist: Katie So

Katie’s snow monkeys kick back, relax and soak it up in hot springs while the snow and the kush blanket both body and mind. Ahhhh, smoking herb with snow monkeys? Yes please!

Blue Dream

Artist: Joe Wilson

The calm and rooted presence of the chameleon tree grounds you in yourself like Blue Dream. But gaze into his eye and you’ll see the galactic expansion of your boundless mind. Blown.

Lemon Haze

Artist: Ben Frey

Lemon Haze’s powerful amplification of happiness and aromas comes through loudly and clearly with his old-school phonographic horns.