Who We Are

Who We Are2019-10-21T20:15:44-07:00


Rubicon OrganicsTM is a led by a team of industry experts leveraging owned, and world-renowned assets.

  • World-class cannabis, CPG, and finance experts

  • Our team wrote the first organic regulatory standard for certified organic cannabis production

  • Custom designed facilities in the best growing climates

  • Distinguished brands in influential markets

  • Multi-jurisdictional operations and sales

  • European distribution partnership secured

Our Story

Rubicon OrganicsTM was founded in 2015 by a small group of cannabis entrepreneurs. From our humble roots we have grown into an industry recognised company, with 2 world-renowned facilities and a portfolio of leading cannabis brands.

In parallel, we have assembled a diverse team of industry leaders within Certified Organic cannabis production, risk management, corporate and operational finance, marketing and sales who will continue to drive our business towards a bigger and better future.

Our Business

With over twenty years of medical cannabis supply chain experience, Jesse McConnell co-founded Rubicon OrganicsTM with Rubicon’s CSO, the leading international expert in certified organic cannabis cultivation.

Rubicon Organics’ value propositions

  1. Size and ability to scale internationally
  2. Scope of our expertise
  3. Unique low-cost organic offering
  4. Portfolio of award-winning consumer brands