A Lifetime’s Knowledge of Organic Cultivation

How We Began

Jesse’s journey into the cannabis industry began in the early 2000s when a close relative became ill and there was a lack of high-quality, organic cannabis available for medical use.

He began looking at ways to cultivate the cleanest and highest quality cannabis to help treat the ailment and through this process saw firsthand what organic cannabis could do for people’s health and well-being.

Jesse went on to co-found Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (“WMMC”) in 2013 and then Rubicon Organics™ in 2015.

Organic Tomatoes to Organic Cannabis

Prior to joining WMMC, Peter had overseen and written standards in organic cultivation for a range of fruits and vegetables and was instrumental in developing the organic growing processes for Origin O, the largest organic greenhouse tomato producer in North America.

Peter was tapped to write the organic standards specific to cannabis for the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association, the premier organic certifying body in Canada.

The Inception of Rubicon

Jesse and Peter both recognized an opportunity to bring high-quality organic cannabis, sustainably produced at scale by looking at a different way of growing – in a hybrid greenhouse. Together, they spent the past few years perfecting the art of organic cannabis greenhouse cultivation through a series of test grows and facility developments.

Today, Rubicon Organics™ next-generation facility design – paired with management’s proprietary certified organic production system – produces cannabis products with terpene and cannabinoid levels that are unrivalled.